Emergency Response

CERT’s Rapid Response Team is second to none and responds to hundreds of emergency response calls each year. We guarantee our clients the fastest response time when responding to any emergency spill or chemical release incident; in most cases, after an initial call, our team is mobilized within 30 minutes.

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Industrial Services

CERT’s Rapid Response Team’s first goal is to provide environmentally safe & compliant services to customers to help minimize their waste & eliminate negative environmental impact. When waste generation can’t be prevented, reuse and recycle top the EPA’s waste management practices list.

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Recycling Services

CERT Recycling collects hundreds of thousands of gallons of used oil each year serving many customers, whether a single entrepreneur owned or a corporate owned chain of auto-repair facilities; small to large factories and industrial plants.

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Other Services Include...


  • Hazardous Waste Transportation & Disposal
  • Remediation
  • Underground & Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Facility Services
  • Spill Kits
  • Health & Safety
  • Light Grading
  • Biohazard Services
  • Flow-Stop