Recycling Services

Waste Oil is Not a Waste of Time

CERT Recycling collects hundreds of thousands of gallons of used oil each year serving many customers, whether a single entrepreneur owned or a corporate owned chain of auto-repair facilities; small to large
factories and industrial plants. CERT’s Rapid Response Team ensures certified leading service.
CERT’s fully-permitted and insured transportation fleet collects and transports waste oils to its facility for
testing, processing and placement. Water laden oils are treated and discharged in compliance with Federal, State and Local rules and regulations.
Our first Goal is to provide environmentally safe and compliant services to commercial and industrial
customers to help minimize their waste. When waste generation can’t be prevented, reuse and recycle are
at the top of the EPA’s waste management practices list. How these materials are managed matters greatly
to you as a generator and to us as a service provider. 

Waste Oil / Anti Freeze / Petroleum / Fuel Oil / Oil Filters