24 Hour Emergency Spill Response

We are a Train Wreck; Trouble Always Finds Us!

CERT’s Rapid Response Team is second to none and responds to hundreds of emergency response calls each year. We guarantee our clients the fastest response time when responding to any emergency spill or chemical release incident; in most cases, after an initial call, our team is mobilized within 30 minutes.

Our trained Emergency Rapid Response Team is not only qualified, but also equipped to handle any incident efficiently, effectively and able to provide assessments needed to get you back in the business of what it is that you do. CERT’s Team will not only arrive immediately, but will also, after assessment, excel in containment, recovery of the spill, and protection of the environment while working closely with federal, state, and local authorities to ensure assessment, containment, recovery and stabilization of the immediate and any down stream affected areas and all compliance issues.

  • Truck and Tanker Spills
  • Ruptured Tanks
  • Leaking Underground Pipe Lines
  • Leaking Tanks, Drums, Cylinders *
  • Leaking Rail Cars and Derailments
  • Any & All Tanks **
  • Assessment
  • Containment, Recovery
  • Soil Excavation, Testing, Treatment
  • Stabilization
  • Site Cleanup, Remediation, Restoration
  • Hazardous Materials Testing, Management, Disposal
  • Lab Pack
  • Crane Recovery